Why the Dirt Brokers?


We can help you sell your land faster, for a higher price and with better terms.

Here at the Dirt Brokers we are proud to be Florida’s “ONLY” Land Exclusive Brokerage and our many years of combined experience will give you peace of mind when buying or selling your lot or vacant land.

Why chose us to list your lot/land?

Selling land is a very different process and requires skills and connections that most traditional agents who sell homes don’t have.

We have the expertise to market your property to the most suitable buyer because we perform our due diligence before listing the property. We have the right connections at city and county departments which affords us the inside information on the highest and best use, any zoning variances, annexing, assemblage, future development plans that that can greatly increase your properties value.

In addition to marketing we know that pricing your property correctly ultimately requires an understanding of the land market as a whole, because pricing land is a lot more complex when compared to pricing a home. Also knowing why people are buying lots or land in the area and who these people are becomes an important factor. A good real estate agent with land expertise can help greatly in this process.

Many of our sellers come to us after having tried to sell their lot for years with no luck and with our unique marketing plan we will usually get it into contract in less than 60 days. We pride ourselves on the fact that our average DOM (days on market) for lots and land that we list is only 43 days.

Why chose us to find you that perfect lot/land?

In this day and age we are used to going online to search and find properties that match our criteria, however finding lots or land is trickier than finding your next home. We will make sure that the property you purchase fills all your needs and expectations whether you are looking to build your dream home, a spec or just as an investment.

We work with individuals, investors, general contractors and developers throughout Florida to help them locate the perfect property for their needs.

We also a huge inventory of lots, land and developments that is never marketed online and that is only available to our clients.

What type of land can we help you buy or sell?

We work with all types of vacant land such as Single and Multifamily, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural and Developments.

Let us know what you are looking to buy or sell and we will help you!



Mimi Schag (of The Dirt Brokers, Inc.) helped to make the sale of our property a very simple, uncomplicated, and pleasurable experience. Her negotiating skills between buyer and seller were second to none. Mimi put our fears at ease and made our interactions personable and professional at all times.

We highly recommend Mimi’s services to anyone with property to sell. Thanks again Mimi for a smooth process and excellent service during the sale of our property — JOB WELL DONE!!

W.M. & C.S. Coleman, W.M. & C.S. Coleman
I engaged Mimi as my agent in order to sell three vacant lots in Port St. Lucie. She wasted no time in finding buyers that were ready, willing, and able. She was the consummate professional!
Mitchell Thal
My family and I would like to thank Mimi for her hard work, expertise and devotion in helping us sell our property. We have been trying for years using some of the best real estate agents in FL. However, what we didn’t realize is we needed a land broker better know as a “Dirt Broker” to help us get our “hard to sell” property sold. Well Mimi you have done this for us after we’ve tried for so many years and we can’t thank you enough for your hard work and expertise.

Mimi is truly the best at what she does and we were very lucky to have her as our agent. Mimi Schag is highly recommended to anyone trying to get rid of unwanted or hard to sell property off their hands.

Rozena Turner